Welcome to The City Skillet, a food and cooking blog by a girl who lives in San Francisco.

I first fell in love with cooking in 2011, shortly after I got married. The necessity of eating every day, wanting to eat delicious food, and finally having a job that allowed me to buy better food than instant ramen, were all contributing factors to my initial growth as a home cook. I also got really into watching cooking shows and reading food blogs, hobbies that have only gotten stronger.

Over time and with practice, I felt more confident in the kitchen, and my obsession grew. There's always something new to learn and try in cooking, and I want to share that with readers. I'm not some food prodigy who knows all the techniques and pairings. I never went to culinary school. I have a love for food, cooking, and eating (especially with loved ones around a table), and that is where I want to start.